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Hairy and Raw

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1 Chubarama
Chubarama Categories
Chubarama was started to promote the beauty of large men through pictures, video, and other web-based media. Big Bears (Chubs)
Bear Celebrity/Figures
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
2 Woolsrake: In the Thick of It
Woolsrake: In the Thick of It Categories
Various musings by a gay New York City male nude photographer who's life and art can get pretty hairy. Serving the gay bear community; mature gay men; hairy chested gay men, blue collar physique enthusiasts & those regular guys who wish to explore being photographed nude. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Hairy Bears
Muscle Bears
3 a porn addicted bear
a porn addicted bear Categories
pics of hot, hairy, muscle and beefy hunks Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Young Bears (Cubs)
4 PlanetBears
PlanetBears Categories
This site has hot galleries and news, and links to other great sites. Bear Community/Chat/Profiles
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Bear Porn Sites

Bad Cubs, Husky Boys and Tough Yong Guys with Nuts! We're the web magazine for young bears and cubs who aren't afraid of their masculinity. We talk the talk and walk the proud walk. Articles, interviews, fiction and features...all free! See what your brothers are doing in their neck of the woods! Young Bears (Cubs)
Bear Community/Chat/Profiles
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Big Guts Categories
Show Off Your Big Guts! This is an online messageboard for big guys and their admirers. Bear Community/Chat/Profiles
Big Bears (Chubs)
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
7 homolicious
homolicious Categories
your correspondent is a big, furry, kinky fag in seattle. he likes sex, he likes booze, he likes computers. basically in that order. if he could pull of a job involving all three, he would be a happy man. for now, however, he's agreed to content himself with just writing about them. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Kinky/S&M Bears
Young Bears (Cubs)
8 Bear Run - the movie
Bear Run - the movie Categories
This is the official website for the television documentary BEAR RUN. Director's cut of the film available on dvd. Bear Art/History/Culture Sites
Bear Event/Run/Crawl/Cruises
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Oxymoronic Existence 4.0 Categories
Erotic stories about the sexual adventures of a chub. Mostly true and based on actual events, even though it might not be entirely accurate because too busy with the sex... Bear Erotic Fiction/Books
Asian Bears
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals

The Guy Site

The Bear in Me Categories
The site where you can find bearish news, bear models, bear movies (non-porn), athor bear sites and events much more... [NOTE: this site has both English and non-English components]. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Big Bears (Chubs)
Hairy Bears
bj's gay porno-crazed ramblings Categories
45 yr-old dirty old man, obsessed with old gay porno movies - - give me more porn! Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Hairy Bears
Kinky/S&M Bears
A Bear In Manchester Categories
Big,hairy and with it. Big Bears (Chubs)
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
13 Bearotic
Bearotic Categories
Entertainment for bears and the furry at heart. Fresh posts are baked daily covering film, TV, music, video, art, celebrities, events, photos and more. It's work-friendly too. So go Bearotic and get Entertained! Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Bear Celebrity/Figures
Bear Art/History/Culture Sites
The Gideonse Bible Categories
Yeah, so I'm a cub. I'll probably be a bear soon enough, but right now I'm just cub who loves bears. And other cubs. Ya know, hairy guys. And the bear community, which I dig the most. My blog is about all sorts of stuff--politics, movies, bears, homos, my husband, and life as a grad student in San Diego. Stop on by. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Young Bears (Cubs)
Bear Home Pages

Bear Films

15 Grall's Den
Grall's Den Categories
A well designed personal webpage with lots of bears and jocks in various sports (baseball, hockey, football, etc). Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Leather/Gear Bears
Jock Bears
Beardelights Categories
Bear living with a Bear and doing the day-to-day thing: Living. Sharing my love for stunning men with other bear lovers. Hairy Bears
Muscle Bears
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Buff's Tuff Talk Categories
Male to male relationships from a Top Man's perspective Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Muscle Bears
Bear Community/Chat/Profiles
The Diary of Dante Bensir Categories
Join Dante everyday as he struggles to free himself from the closet to live his life with greater sincerity as a gay man. The diary is candid and written in real time. Dante prefers men who are "hairy, sweaty and masculine" and preferably that work for UPS or an auto body shop. Dante is a professional man in his early thirties. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Hairy Bears
Young Bears (Cubs)
Bloghungry Categories
Young Bear eats from West Hollywood California Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Young Bears (Cubs)
Hairy Bears

Gay Sugar Daddy

Dead Robot's Blog Categories
Toronto-based bear yapping on about things that amuse, anger or arouse. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Hairy Bears
Muscle Bears
bears and jocks Categories
blog on my fetishes, desires, needs, sex, computers, gadgets, sex toys, uniforms, bears, hirsuteness Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Jock Bears
Blue Collar Bears
Art is for Losers Categories
It's totally like Sex in the City. But real. And I'm a guy. A bear. And I don't drink really. And I'm sort of like Miranda towards the in Brooklyn. And boring. And well...okay, nevermind. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Hairy Bears
Bear Magazines
Daily spewage of a bitter mind. Categories
journal of a sexy young hairy cub with a great sense of whit and humor. Young Bears (Cubs)
Hairy Bears
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Boozhy: a blog Categories
A bearded gay's take on life, politics, religion and sex. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Young Bears (Cubs)

Dungeon Bears

Diary of a Contemporary Dandy Categories
For the discerning cub who prefers a martini and a puff from daddy's cigar. I'm kind of funny too. Young Bears (Cubs)
Bear Erotic Fiction/Books
Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Tales from the City Categories
The life and times of one guy in NYC just trying to find his place in the world...and Mr. Right Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Jock Bears
Young Bears (Cubs)
BearMythology Categories
Mythic Tales & Visuals Of The Masculine Bear and Other Random Musings Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Bear Celebrity/Figures
Jock Bears
The Woofington Post Categories
The Source for all things Big & Furry with special focus on the NYC scene. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
Bear Art/History/Culture Sites
The Bear Hug Categories
The BB and the LB are bears. They like to hug each other. They also do do rude things, but this blog is not about that, really. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals

what one man can do, another can do Categories
I'm big, hairy, and gay, and write about everything from my sexuality to pop culture and current headlines. I don't post pics of naked men, and I don't write about sexual adventures. If I'm not "gay" or bear-centric enough to be considered for inclusion, I'll live. I'm just inviting you to check me out. Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals
31 Categories
Mix hungry bears and friends with their favorite recipes and entertaining tips and you have...! Bear Blog/Weblog/Journals

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